Personalized video Feedback & Coaching from Elite Professionals

An all-in-one place to provide coaching, casting and competitions for up and coming sports & esports athletes, musicians, actors and other professionals in the entertainment industry.

Can I use OVECHR?

Here are a few use cases!


Create a Virtual Camp

Run a Virtual Athletic Camp. Have your student athletes upload videos of them performing drills, provide feedback and help them grow as athletes.


Cultivate a Talent Library

Organize and Manage Your Casting Calls. Provide actors a place to submit audition tapes, manage a large number of submissions, provide feedback and build a talent library.


Coach eSports Athletes

Take your eSports Game to the Next Level: Coach eSports athletes by recording your feedback in sync with their playback.


Engage with Aspiring Musical Talent

Run Musician Competitions: Find the next IT artist, or just engage and have fun with your fans.

What do we provide?

Aspiring Talent Reviews

Provide Feedback with Audio or Video

Provide audio or video reviews of work submitted by aspiring talent.


Award aspiring talent, that stands out, with accolades

We can use your own custom badges, or you can use some of our preset available badges!


A Leaderboard to Highlight Talent

Keep a public board of aspiring talent you feel deserves recognition.

Great Vocals Great Vocals
Perfection Perfection
1 in a Million 1 in a Million